Д-р Цветелина Александрова Пашова

Специалист по Ендокринология

Завършва медицина - 2011г. - ВМИ - Плевен

Специализация по ендокринология и болести на обмяната към ВМИ Плевен


2015 г-EASD Postgraduate course of education of complication of diabetes Sofia, Bulgaria

2016 г- Course of Joslin clinic mannagement of Diabetes-Bucharest, Romania

2017 г- Ехография на щит жлеза  и паращитовидна жлеза

09.2018- Latest Sciantific Evidence for incretin-based therapy in treatment of patients with Diabetes-Berlin, Germany

12.2018г - CEDA/FID Diabetes control and prevantion of vaacular complications:achievements and dilemmas-Belgrade, Serbia

03.2019 г -Saving lives-in your daily clinical practice and in emerrgency situations on airplanes-Vienna, Austria

03.2019 г-SACE/T1D Forum everyv1 is unique-Belgrade, Serbia